Mad Brain People

Monster Surf EP Out today!!!!

NoFX - “Drugs are Good”

1-2-fuck off, drop out, never trust a fucking hippie
And for that matter don’t trust anyone.
Quit school, don’t work, livin’ out the music de punk.
If I could do it so could anyone.

Drugs are good, they let you do things that you know you not should.
And when you do ‘em people think that you’re cool.
And when you do ‘em people think that you’re cool.

1-2-join a punk band, shave your head and get a tattoo.
You don’t need talent just sing out of tune.
Self destruction, no moral to throw it on me.
For no particular reason beat up everyone.

Drugs are neat, and you can buy ‘em relatively cheap.
And when you do ‘em people think that you’re cool.
And when you do ‘em people think that you’re cool.

“Skateboarding is not a hobby. And it’s not a sport. Skateboarding is a way of learning how to redefine the world around you. It’s a way of getting out of house, connecting with other people, and looking at the world through different sets of eyes.” – Ian Mackaye


pure bliss

Can’t stop looking at it


pure bliss

Can’t stop looking at it


Nuevo disco de Comeback Kid, desde hoy en streaming, el lunes a la venta

Nuevo video de CBK “Should Know Better”

Night Birds Live @ Insubordination Fest

Night Birds “Born to Die in Suburbia”


Crow solves an 8 step process, having trained on each separate task, though not all together.

Mi descubrimiento de hoy, Mischief Brew, un poco de anarco-folk para alegrarme la mañana

Government Warning “Enough is Enough”

Actions speak so much louder, so much louder than words,
so we fly off the handle for whatever we’re heard,
what was said, what was done, this is getting absurd.
Night after brain dead night and day after innumerable day,
we communicate like apes, pretending we were taught no other way,
it’s more about who you hate, and less about what you say.

All fists, and no words, and now this seems so fucking absurd,
what changed me ? I don’t know ! But this ain’t no way I want to go.

I’m so burnt out on it all, even though the hatred is as pure as it was all along,
but the steel in my guts has eroded away,
I’m just so tired of living this way,
there’s not enough to drink in a day to make me want it anymore.
I’m spinning my wheels with using my brain,
cuz noone here understands anything but pain.
Is this how we were all fucking raised ?
This isn’t a status quo I’m alright to maintain, that’s enough !
We all have our threshold, but this is insane.

Enough is enough,
I give up.

THE FLATLINERS [3D-HD1080p] Paris - 16/07/2012

Junto con JFA una de mis bandas preferidas de SkatePunk #LocalsOnly #Nardcore